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Singapore Online Casino

Online casinos, also called Internet casinos or virtual casinos, is the new way of gambling. These are all remote ways of gambling. With everything going online, it is pretty convenient for gamblers to get on online gambling sites for their gambling activities.

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How Singapore Online Casino profit you

Singapore online casino, also called Internet casinos or virtual casinos, is the new way of gambling. These are all remote ways of gambling. With everything going online, it is pretty convenient for gamblers to get on online gambling sites for their gambling activities.

You also get more options when you opt for online gambling, be it payments and banking or the types of games you can play.

Are online casino popular in Singapore?

The popularity of online casinos in Singapore is mainly due to the restrictions placed upon gambling, especially concerning age. It is pretty difficult for locals to attain a permit in order to gamble legally at a physical casino, but online casinos are legalized for specific ages.

Singapore casinos aren’t a new concept in the market. In fact, some of the most well-known and trusted online casino Singapore are some of the oldest online casinos.

What is online casino singapore?

Surprisingly enough, Singapore does not endorse gambling even though they have a lot of online casinos. However, if you are a visitor or a tourist in Singapore and happen to see a casino resort, don’t worry. All foreigners are allowed to gamble. In fact, Singapore is home to two of the best casino resorts in Asia.

This freedom is restricted only to foreigners, and the locals actually have a tough time finding live gambling. Even if they do, they have to pay a steep amount to get a permit in order to gamble legally. Moreover, if the authorities catch local underage gamblers, they can be fined at least 1000 Singaporean dollars.

Hence, the start of the online casino Singapore. As ironic as it may sound, Online casino are way more diverse and rich in variety than casinos in other places. They provide a whole range of games and activities to bet on, so all their customers are always well accommodated when they visit their online sites.

Things to consider when choosing a Singapore  casino:

Security and safety:

Make sure that the site is legal to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. Since the laws on gambling are pretty tight in Singapore, it is better to play it safe and abide by the rules.

Quality of the games:

Even if you find a legal Singapore online casino, it is of no use if the games are not good enough for you. You need to do quite a bit of research to find out if the games are high quality and will allow you a chance to win big

Check the payment and banking policies of the site:

It is best to check all the terms and conditions related to Singapore casino activities before diving in too deep. Make sure that all the payment gateways are proper and the securities on these are tight as well.

Desktop and mobile-friendly:

If you are planning on gambling online through your phone, you need to check if the website is compatible with a phone as well. Since most of the online casinos are meant for the desktop, they might not be compatible with a mobile browser.

Game variety:

It is best to choose an online casino that has a wide variety of games to choose from. This way, you are not limited to only 1 or 2 games and will have to find other platforms to play the other games. We recommend RAI88 Singapore casino as our number one choice because this platform has tons of gaming options, from fishing to slot machines. You can even bet on sports and e-sports, including the lottery. The Singapore casino activities are countless with this platform.

Free playing:

It is not a necessity, but it is an added point if you can find a website that offers free games to play. Especially if you are a beginner at gambling and online casinos, you need to have a few trial runs before you can seriously start betting money and gambling on these sites. Most online casino Singapore have the free play option for first-time sign-ups, so you can have some fun without worrying about stakes.


You can look into the casino’s offer on bonuses. It will be great to find an online casino that gives you bonuses when you log in or on special occasions like a special birthday bonus. RAI88 is a online casino Singapore that gives all its new members a welcome bonus and daily bonuses. An added perk if you are a VIP member is that you get to enjoy extra bonuses.


Another critical feature to look out for is whether the website includes all the languages and currencies. It will make no sense if you are on an online casino and can’t understand the website’s language. Also, if the currencies on the platform are not what you already have or if the platform doesn’t offer any currency exchange systems, it can be quite a headache for you to play games on the platform. Hence, it is best to find an online casino that includes all these aspects.

Is Singapore Casino legal?

Yes. It is legal to gamble in Singapore, but it is very restricted. Since the Casino Control Act in 2016, casinos have been legal in Singapore. However, all locals were always discouraged from gambling and playing in the casinos. To understand how it works, you need to understand the law first. There are 4 laws pertaining to casinos and gambling in Singapore:

  1. The Betting Act
  2. The Common Gaming House Act
  3. The Private Lotteries Act
  4. The Betting and Sweepstake Duties act

By this logic, Singapore Online casino aren’t legal by law, but there are no restrictions on Singaporeans who want to take part in online gambling as long as the site is not originating from Singapore itself.

What is the legal age for Singapore casino?

In Singapore, you need to be 18years or older to gamble at casinos. All 18 and above people can buy TOTO tickets, placing horse racing and 4D. If you want to have an account with Singapore Pools, you need to be at least 21 years old. If you are minor and are caught gambling, you will be fined $1000 by the authorities.

What kinds of games are available to play in a Singapore Online Casino?

The main reason for the popularity of online casinos in Singapore is the availability of hundreds of games online. RAI88 is one of these incredibly reputable casino in Singapore. Here is a list of all the games that are available in every online casino Singapore:

  • eSports Betting
  • Poker
  • Sports Betting
  • Slot Games
  • Lottery/Keno
  • Fishing
  • Live Casino

Singapore Casino we recommend:

With the rise in popularity of online casino, RAI88, founded in 2019 in Malaysia, has made its place as one of the most sought-after Singapore Online Casino. On the RAI88 website, you will find a wide variety of games, including live casinos, sports, e-sports, lottery, poker, and slot games, to name a few. The home page is also a very attractive and eye-catching one, promoting the best and latest games on the website.

RAI88 is a Singapore gambling which is licensed and regulated by PAGCOR (Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation). It is one of the most trusted Singapore casinos, so you can rest assured that your gambling is all secured. The RAI88 platform is compatible with both desktop and mobile navigation with a very user-friendly interface. It doesn’t matter which language you speak because RAI88 supports multi-languages.

What we like about RAI88:

  1. It is a licensed Singapore casino
  2. It is has a VIP program for particular users
  3. Their customer care support is active 24/7
  4. They have Live TV applications
  5. You get a welcome bonus when you join
  6. If you log in daily, you get a bonus
  7. There is also a special daily bonus if you are a VIP member

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does RAI88 have Customer Support?

Yes. RAI88 is known for its beneficial customer support service. They are available every day, at any time to attend to all the queries and questions of the customers. There is also a service for Live Chat wherein you can talk to the customer support team directly and get solutions to your problems instantly.

Do you get bonuses when you sign up for RAI88?

 Yes, when you sign up for RAI88, you will be awarded a welcome bonus. If you are a VIP member, your bonus will be more. The best part is that this is not all. Even after you receive your welcome bonus, you can still get bonuses daily by logging in every day.

What is the Rai88 VIP program?

Once you become a RAI88 member, you will be able to advance to different levels of a VIP member. There are 6 levels in total, and you will progress as your performance on the website improves over time. You will also get to enjoy exclusive VIP bonuses.